A believers’ inheritance is rest


Exo 32:13 Remember your servants Abraham, Isaac and Israel, to whom you swore by your own self: ‘I will make your descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky and I will give your descendants all this land I promised them, and it will be their inheritance forever.’ ”

God gave the land as an inheritance to the physical descendants of Abraham.  What about the believers who are the spiritual children of Abraham by faith?

Gal 3:7-9    Know ye therefore that they which are of faith, the same are the children of Abraham…So then they which be of faith are blessed with faithful Abraham.

To the natural children of Abraham, God gave the land as their inheritance.  Because of unbelief they provoked God to anger and He swore they would not enter My rest.  Here instead of saying land God says My rest.  From this we know that the inheritance for believers is rest.

Heb 3:11  So I swore in My wrath, ‘They shall not enter My rest.”

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Guy is a homeschool father to five and has been married for over two decades to the same woman, He has a deep passion for the WORD and can be seen studying and emailing encouragement to others using the WORD deep into the night. He works in international real estate investments and enjoys the work and people he meets globally.

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